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Easter rabbits and the no PJ's rule

With chicks, lambs and rabbits in every shop window it got me thinking about the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland…and how he’s just not very good at managing his time!

Its been a bit like that in my office at the moment.  Our family’s relocation from the Midlands to Yorkshire has meant that for the last couple of weeks I’ve been working surrounded by half emptied boxes. And been totally distracted by ‘just popping’ to buy very necessary equipment, like a bed, vacuum cleaner and washing machine.

So, you might ask how is it that I’m getting my business off the ground amid this hectic household? And at time’s I ask myself the same question. 

Firstly, every work day I try to get in the work vibe or zone. I’ve spent last year on a long commute and so I’ve created a new ‘commute’ to work. I run or walk the dogs, grab a drink and head off to work; upstairs! I have a strict no PJ’s rule. My days of wearing a suit to work have long gone and now I’ve adopted ‘smart casual’, whatever that is! But it’s all part of getting into the work mode for me.

Anyone who has worked with me knows I have post-it note obsession. Every morning I take a new note and make a list, prioritising my tasks for the day. Ticking stuff off lists give me a big kick! It also brings me back to keeping on task when my mind wanders.  Sure, I need screen breaks (yawn!) and time away from my desk for my creative thought but, for me, the visual reminders of what needs to be achieved for both my clients and my business focuses me and keeps my productivity on track.

Impact not hours. This is a phrase from my friend, Grace Marshall’s book How to be Really Productive (which I would absolutely recommend). I’m learning to focus on results, not tracking traditional working hours. In her book Grace looks at how this can improve productivity and creativity both of which I want to achieve to grow my business. It’s not easy to move away from the guilt of not being at my desk from 9-5, and perhaps, having to purchase vital home appliances, but I’m trying!

Yes, there have been times over the past few months that I’ve felt like that rabbit in Wonderland. There’s never enough time to do everything. But one thing I have learnt since setting up my business is that I’m loving it! I can be ‘being there’ for my family. I’m flexible and productive for my clients. And, I’m wondering why I didn’t do it sooner!