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Transforming Emmy's Messaging

Getting your business messaging right is vital to connect with potential customers quickly and effectively.
When I met Emmy, a transformational coach, she felt she lacked focus and confidence in her marketing messaging for her business, despite having a raft of qualifications and several years’ experience in the field.
We set to work on looking how her business could have clear, concise messaging so that clients would understand benefits of working with her. Emmy was keen to ensure this included content for her face-to-face pitches as well as material across all touch points, such as her website and social media.
Over 3 one-to-one sessions we explored her business objectives, values and messaging. From there we developed a number of strategies to achieve these objectives. The resulting tactical plan is a specific set of actions that Emmy can implement straightaway and then reviewed regularly to ensure that she is staying on track with her business objectives. It can flex as the business grows and periodic evaluations could involve the addition of new tasks, new target audiences or new actions – its main purpose is to keep the business objectives and strategies on track.
Now the business clear branding and concise messaging means her potential audience will quickly understand how working with Emmy can transform their lives!