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Why every charity should consider Corporate Fundraising...

The top 3 benefits of engaging companies

Some charities can shy away from corporate sponsorship but with time and preparation this valuable income stream is possible for even the smallest charity.

Corporate fundraising takes time and preparation but by building mutually beneficial relationships, there are a plethora of benefits for not only charities but also the partnered company. Partnerships can often last years offering a wide range of advantages that can help achieve your fundraising goals, including volunteers, resources and expertise.

Increased Awareness

After your charity is chosen, you have a fantastic opportunity to pitch to all the employees of the business. In addition to fundraising there can be many ways that your charity can increase awareness. Working closely with a business to ensure that your key messages are communicated both internally and externally, and tapping into the skills and resources of your sponsor’s PR and marketing departments can be extremely valuable. Employee’s personal networks will also help you reach new audiences, whether that’s for fundraising or recruiting new volunteers.

Employee Engagement

With a corporate sponsor, it is your responsibility to engage with your sponsors employees and there are a wide range of ways you can do this. Firstly, ensure that you have a co-ordinated and focussed approach involving both decision makers and employees. This will mean that you make this relationship even more effective; they can feel more empowered to raise more funds for your charity and engage with future events.

In addition, to volunteering to assist you with your own calendar of events, you can work with employees in planning their own fundraising, supporting them with regular meetings, supplying branded resources such as collection boxes, and giving help with future events.

By working with your charity a business can improve their employee morale, build stronger teams and develop volunteering opportunities, so ensure that you make these work for your charitable objectives.

Making a real difference

Corporate sponsorship often involves a large number of participants so that these relationships can make a real difference for all your organisations stakeholders.

Clearly increased fundraising and income is a key outcome, whether from employee led events, cause related marketing or corporate donations. But there are other benefits such as increasing your charity’s volunteer base. This could be direct support for service users or employees helping with bringing their specialised skills and expertise into your marketing or financial departments.

Amanda Danells-Bewley

Considering how to incorporate corporate fundraising into your income generation strategy but not sure where to start? Danells and Bewley Consultants can help; from hands-on help with a specific project to full strategy planning, give Amanda a call on 077 177 57 381.