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Collaboration promotes postive change

Working in partnership and collaboration between charities and businesses is something I have been passionate about for years.  
As a fundraiser, for many years I know that for charities building relationships with companies can not only lead to increased revenue, but also boost volunteering and offer expert professional support. For businesses these partnerships can bring benefits such as building brand value, reputation or more engaged communities.

Closer to home collaboration has bought a host of new projects to the D&B office as we have worked alongside Rich Sutcliffe and Agency for Good.

Rich is all about helping others who need it the most and helping those who are needing trusted advice but don’t have a lot of funds. Our shared values and passion for giving organisations creative, workable solutions to deliver more impact in their communities and to society as a whole, means that we can do something worthwhile together.
Rich says “We have worked on numerous projects together for our charity and social enterprise customers and will be working together on lots more in the future. Amanda brings a wealth of experience along with creativity and enthusiasm and is one of our key partners in helping our customers tell their stories. This ultimately helps them to help lots more people and promote positive change.”
Want to find out more about how we could work together? Why not give me a call on 077 177 57 381?

Amanda Danells-Bewley