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Comms Support for UVAC

A not-for-profit membership body, University Vocational Awards Council (UVAC) represents and supports higher education providers who deliver high level technical and professional learning programmes including higher and degree apprenticeship.
We began working with UVAC in early 2019 to support them with their communications marketing, social media and digital campaigns. During that time, we have also worked alongside the team to build and launch a website for their new Centre for Degree Apprenticeships, and assisted in marketing and managing communications at their 2019 conference.
Mandy Crawford-Lee, Director of Policy and Operations at UVAC, explains the impact of D&B's work on UVAC’s communications;
“Working with Danells-Bewley has revolutionised our approach and the speed by which we can promote the achievements we make on behalf our members. Amanda quickly understood and interpreted rightly our organisational needs and has supported our wider and more effective use of Twitter, web and other social media platforms, giving lift to old and new content and doubling down on our user experiences.
Amanda was also instrumental in giving sound advice around the creation and functionality of a new website as part of a launch of a self-funded research and think-tank network convened and managed by UVAC and supported the planning, development and running of our national conference. She was an invaluable and crucial part of our 'team'; without her we would not have achieved the creativity needed to promote the benefits of what we do."
If your organisation is looking to strengthen your communications with your stakeholders, including members, donors or volunteers, then we would love to have a chat about how we could work to support you.